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Working with the Chazuka Project

Empowering the children of Chazuka, and their families, to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence, to create life-changing opportunities for themselves.

The Chazuka Project is a recently registered charity based in the North of England. Our recent work with this charity will be the subject of our latest blog post.

What is the Chazuka Project? 

The Chazuka Project was set up in 2019 by Alex Hill and Sara Yasmin Ahmed. It exists to support young people and their families in Chazuka, Malawi.

They do this by encouraging them to realise their potential, empowering women and girls, and creating opportunities for the children and community to access quality education so they can flourish.

Their vision is a world in which every child has the self-belief they need to create their own bright, happy and healthy future.

The Chazuka School officially opened its doors in February 2019 to welcome 25 children and 2 teachers. The school belongs to and is managed by the community.

What they needed help with? 

We first became involved with the Chazuka Project when I met with Sara to discuss how we could help them with their digital marketing strategy.

They were keen to improve traffic to their website, build their following and increase the number of donors that would contribute to the project.

They were looking for assistance with content creation, a more user-friendly website layout and increasing engagement and following across various communication channels. 

How we’ve helped so far? 

Following our initial meeting we agreed that the first stage should be to work on the website.

The redesign focused on the overall user experience and more clear call to actions.

We ensure the CTA’s supported the objectives and were as obvious as possible. There was a number of fantastic photos to work with and a new logo designed by Andrew Hinds.

Importantly this allowed us to concentrate on the layout and user journey. As a result we have been able to ensure the best possible experience for those visiting the site. 

What next? 

Continued support with the digital marketing strategy. We are looking at working on video content that highlights the fantastic work being done by the Chazuka project and will also be working on an SEO strategy. 

If you are interested in supporting/finding out more about the Chazuka Project then I encourage you to do the following:

  • Read the extraordinary story about how Alex became involved with the village. (Link at the bottom of the page)  
  • Donate to the charity

It has been a wonderful experience working with The Chazuka Project so far. We look forward to continuing our work together in the rest of 2020.

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The Chazuka Project story

Danny Layzell - DL Digital Solutions

Written by Danny Layzell,

January 2020

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