5 Ways to Improve Your Blog
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5 Ways to Improve Your Blog

How to improve your blog? This is a question that many of us spend time considering.

I’ve started to use and recommend the 5 steps below. They’ll help you to quickly sit down and turn your ideas into an engaging and exciting blog.

Why should my business blog?

Why? Well, I feel the main benefit is that you can pass on knowledge and information to your readers free of charge.

Of course, they also have SEO benefits, promote your business and help grow your audience. So, where to start? Let’s take a look.

5 ways to improve your blog:

1. Captivating  titles

This is your first chance to get your readers interested. You are trying to add value to your audience so give people a reason to click on your blog and read on. And be sure to also use your keyword in there!

2. Clear Structure

I like use the this structure:

> Pre-Introduction: This short paragraph has got to entice the reader. Our attention spans are shorter than ever so if you can’t interest your audience to read on then you will see increased drop off rates. Give them a reason to stay during your pre-introduction! 

> Introduction: I then like to use a paragraph to explain how this content is of benefit to the reader. My preference is for a short statement that highlights the key benefits of reading on to them and their business. 

> Body: The heart of your blog and the time to discuss in depth what you promised to deliver in your headline. 

> Pre-conclusion: You have delivered what you promised at the start of your blog in the body. Now I like to use this section for a quick summary of the key points! 

> Conclusion: Give your audience a ‘Call to Action’ that benefits both them and you. 

3. Write for your audience

We shared in a previous blog about how using digital personas can help with your web design.

Concentrating on your reader should be the main focus when creating any content, including your blog posts.

Spending some time focusing on what your audience wants to read plus giving them a good reason to come to your site is vital if you are to sustain an interesting and popular blog. 

4. Internal & External links

Creating both internal and external links can be good for your SEO. But, always remember point number 3. If the links are random, seem unnatural or are of no use to your reader then they will do more harm than good. Only use links that benefit your reader. E.g. if you are writing a blog about blogging and want to draw your readers attention to the use of digital personas then this would be a useful link! We are writing a blog next month about this topic in more details but there are other great sites offering advice including Yoast

5. Clear Call to Action

So, your reader has finished your blog and now you want them to engage further with your products or services. We will be discussing the different types of call to action in a future blog but one common and beneficial one is a ‘Subscribe CTA’. (See bottom of page) This allows you to share future content with your reader without them committing to a purchase.


Each of the above tactics are important but always remember to focus on number 3! Without an enganged audience your blog will not work.

Blogging is great fun, helpful to your readers and promotes your business. What do you think of the above? Comment below if you use these tactics or are willing to share any other ideas for those looking to start blogging.

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Danny Layzell - DL Digital Solutions

Written by Danny Layzell, February 2020

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