Digital Marketing: Manchester and Nîmes
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Digital Marketing: Manchester & Nîmes

Digital marketing and web design that helps your business to get online and grow. This is the promise that we make when entering into an agreement with our clients.

As a new company we know that our reputation is vital. Delivering results that exceed our client’s expectations and help them to grow is why we are here.

This blog will talk a little about our digital marketing and web design services and why we are concentrating on working with people and companies in Manchester and Nîmes.

What we offer…

Firstly, a reminder of our services. We specialise in web designs that will get your business online in a timely manner and at a competitive price. We offer 3 options including: the start-up, pro and e-commerce packages.

As well as web design we also offer digital marketing services with a concentration on content creation.

Creating content that engages and converts your audience is critical to any successful marketing strategy or campaign.

Whilst we specialise in producing the content (video, copy, images, social posts, blogs etc) we can also work with you on your overall digital marketing strategy.

Achieving your objectives will be easier with high-quality content.

Why Manchester and Nîmes?

Manchester, the unofficial capital of the north of England is a buzzing city! It has a truly fantastic blend of nightlife, sport, art, tech and friendly people.

Personified by its spectacular Roman architecture, Nîmes, based in southern France is a stunning city with many spectacular local landmarks and a fascinating history.

We wanted to offer our services in both French and English as these are the 2 languages spoken in my household.

Manchester (where we currently live) and Nîmes (where my partner is from) are the 2 cities that we are concentrating on.

We are passionate about our hometowns and helping others to succeed and that is the driving force behind the company.

Helping new and small businesses get started in business and succeed is something that we will work extremely hard to achieve.

Over the next few months we will be working hard to promote our services in both Manchester and Nîmes. Working in these cities offers us an exciting opportunity to provide high-quality services to new and small businesses in these two unique cities.

What next…

Our next few blogs will provide more useful marketing tips and look at some more examples of our work. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive inbox notifications about when our next blogs are posted.

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Danny Layzell - DL Digital Solutions

Written by Danny Layzell, February 2020

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