How to Add a WhatsApp button to your Facebook page
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How to Add a WhatsApp button to your Facebook page

Having a WhatsApp button on your Facebook page is a great way to engage with your network and to generate leads from your potential customers. How you communicate with potential customers is extremely important.

If you are a small business you might be away from your computer often or unable to answer the phone.

Having a WhatsApp link on your page might make it easy for potential customers to communicate with you and for you to communicate with them.

1. Click settings on your Facebook page…

In the top right corner of your Facebook page you will see the ‘settings’ link (see below). Click on that!

2. Click on the WhatsApp link…

On the left-hand side, you will see several options. Find the one that says ‘WhatsApp’ and click on that.

3. Enter your phone number and click send code…

Ensure that the country code is correct in the top box and then enter your phone number in the box below that. Click on ‘send code’.

4. You will be sent a code to your phone. Enter it…

This screen will appear and you will receive a WhatsApp message from Facebook with a short code. Enter the code and click confirm.

5. Click ‘Add Button’

This screen below will now appear. Click on ‘Add Button’ and your new WhatsApp button will now appear on your Facebook page.

You are now good to go. Check back on your page to make that it has worked properly and is showing up.

You should get someone to test the link as well to make sure messages come through to your phone correctly.

You can also add a WhatsApp link to your website…

Instead of using instant chat on your website you may prefer to use a WhatsApp chat button instead like the example below.

To install a WhatsApp chat button on your website you can use plug-ins like ‘Click to Chat’.

They will again link chats straight to your phone so any potential customer can communicate with you, send photos, documents etc. straight from their phones.

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Good luck with your marketing!

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Danny Layzell - DL Digital Solutions

Written by Danny Layzell

April 2020

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