3 marketing books to read in lockdown
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3 marketing books to read in lockdown

Many nations are planning on lifting the strictest lockdown measures during May but with return to normal life still a distant idea I thought I would share my thoughts on 3 marketing books to read in lockdown. 

Each of the following 3 books that I’ve read during lockdown are thought-provoking, practical and engaging. They are applicable for new and experienced marketers and will leave you with plenty of action points!

Let’s take a quick look at each.

1. Top of Mind – John Hall 

3 marketing book to read in lockdown

“Using content to unleash your influence and engage those who matter to you!”

This book focuses on how the strategic use of high-quality content will keep you ‘top of mind’ of the people who matter most to you, potential customers and advocates.

Top of Mind shows how using content can build key relationships whilst helping you to gain influence, visibility and credibility with your key audiences.

There are several practical tips of how to make yourself memorable in the digital space that we operate in. What you are taught is applicable to your companies’ brand or your personal one.

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2. This is Marketing – Seth Godin 

3 marketing book to read in lockdown

“You can’t be seen until you learn to see”

This book focuses on the question: “who can you help?” and asserts that marketers primary focus should always be on solving consumers problems.

The underlying theme of this book is the message that the best marketing is ‘grounded in generosity, empathy and emotional labour.’

Reading will focus marketers’ minds on producing work that you are proud of and that actually solves a problem for people.

3. How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn – Dr Keir Finlow-Bates

3 marketing book to read in lockdown

Top of Mind’ discussed the important of using content to help your personal brand and this book focuses specifically on the benefits of using LinkedIn.

In a previous post we looked at which social media your business should use but when it comes to developing a personal brand LinkedIn is a fantastic place to start.

“Craft your brand on LinkedIn in as little as ten minutes per day”

This book shows you practical techniques to help you achieve success on LinkedIn by building key relationships with decision-makers in your industry.

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We’ve taken a quick look at 3 marketing books that have practical techniques that you can try for yourself. I’d love to hear what books you’ve been reading in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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Danny Layzell - DL Digital Solutions

Written by Danny Layzell

May 2020

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