Driving SEO with great content
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Driving your SEO with great content

Driving your SEO with great content is a tactic that any business can implement. Boosting your position on Google and other search engines requires a thorough and consistent approach.

One of the most importance aspects or your SEO strategy is the content you are creating and putting out there for your desired audience.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of your website to enhance the quantity and quality of website visitors.

A critical part of SEO is creating valuable content that supplements your keywords and provides your ideal customers with the information that they require from your site in a creative and engaging way.

How your content drives your SEO?

Here are 3 ways that your content drives your SEO:

1. Focuses on keywords

A vital starting point for your SEO and content marketing strategy is your keyword research. Using keywords as the centre point when creating content is essential for your SEO.

Your list of keywords is also the starting point for your content creation. Once developed you can start brainstorming ways in which you can create content that answers each query that your customer may have.

You will optimise your content for these keywords and at the same time boost your on-page SEO.

2. Encourages backlinks

Generating strong backlinks to your website is another very important factor for your SEO.

Promoting your blog, guest blogging and contacting other relevant websites about linking to a post is key to getting your content seen by a wider audience. The chances of others linking back to your content, however, are considerably higher if you are consistently putting out high-quality content.

Really great content seen by the right people could also generate organic backlinks which will obviously saves you a lot of time and allow you to focus more on other areas.

3. Enhances user experience

User experience (UX) is another way quality content can boost your SEO. UX is a critical factor for your search engine ranking and great content is an essential aspect for UX.

There is nothing more frustrating than arriving on a website and not being able to find the information that made you visit the site in the first place. Creating content and a website experience based around your user will increase the strength of your overall position for certain search queries.

There are other areas to consider with UX and SEO such as site speed, security and navigation. But great content that focuses on your customers and provides them with the information and experience that engages them is an absolutely critical aspect of your strategy.

How to put this into practise

  1. Set your goals: Decide what you are trying to achieve with your SEO and content marketing strategy.
  2. Start with your audience: Focusing on your audience and their needs will be the basis of your strategy. Our digital persona template can help you with your customer research.
  3. Keyword research: Using tools such as Keyword Generator to support your keyword research.
  4. Content creation: With a laser-eye focus on points 1 – 3 you can start to create content that drives your SEO and helps your business to succeed.
  5. Analyse results and repeat the process: Use analytical tools such as Google Analytics to track your results against your goals. Make any required edits and repeat the process.

Putting these steps into practise will help you develop great content that boosts your SEO. The process is a continuous one that requires detailed planning, implementation and constant review. Using some of the tools and tactics mentioned in this article will help you on your way.

If you need support with your content creation or SEO strategy then get in touch and we can have a chat about your business.

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Danny Layzell - DL Digital Solutions

Written by Danny Layzell

June 2020

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