How to get Google reviews
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How to get Google reviews

Actively seeking Google reviews is great for your business.

You can learn about your current customers, give future customers an insight into your business and boost your position within search engines.

This post will quickly look at how you can collect them, why it is a good idea and things to avoid!

Different ways to collect Google reviews

  • Sending links to customers and asking for them
  • Having a link on your social media pages
  • Posters in your shop, office or venue encouraging reviews

Why collect them?

  • Keeps your potential customers informed with impartial opinions about your products or services
  • Signal to Google that you are providing a quality product / service
  • Boost your rankings in search

How to encourage Google reviews by sending your customers a link

On a desktop

1. Sign in to your Google My Business page

2. Find where it says ‘get more reviews’

How to get Google reviews using your desktop

3. Click on ‘share review form’

How to get Google reviews using your desktop

4. Copy the link to share with customers or send directly on WhatsApp or social media

On a mobile

1. Sign in to your Google My Business page

2. Find where it says ‘get more reviews’

How to get Google reviews using your mobile

3. Tap ‘share profile’

4. Copy URL to share with customers or send link directly on WhatsApp, social media etc.

Other things to consider

  • Don’t only send a request for reviews to people who you know will leave a positive one

If you are going to actively encourage Google reviews then don’t just send the links to customers you know to be happy.

This not only gives your potential customers an unfair insight into your business but can damage your brand as people tend to have less trust with organisations that have 100 out of 100 5* reviews.

  • Don’t incentivise people to leave a review

Don’t offer any rewards for a review. It violates Google’s guidelines and does nothing in terms of helping you to develop as a business.

You and your future customers learn nothing about your business unless your reviews are 100% genuine.

  • Respond to all reviews both good and bad

It gives you the chance to personally interact with a happy customer and resolve any issues with an unhappy customer.

This shows a human-side to your business that consumers appreciate and presents an opportunity to regain trust with a lost customer.

How you respond to your customers says a lot of your brand so maintain a high-level of professionalism at all times and don’t get into any open arguments online.


Collecting Google reviews can have some great benefits for your business, especially in terms of building trust with potential customers, learning from your current customers and giving your SEO a boost.

I hope you have found this article useful. Check out the ‘marketing tips’ blog page for more useful digital marketing tips.

Thanks for reading!  

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Danny Layzell - DL Digital Solutions

Written by Danny Layzell

July 2020

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