How to optimise your Facebook business page
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How to optimise your Facebook business page

Facebook is a great place to promote your business. There are literally billions of users on the network so plenty of potential customers for you to promote your business to.

Your website is probably your main digital hub for publishing content, but your business Facebook business page can be a great supplement to your site and also a great place to promote to new users.

Having an optimised Facebook business page is essential to help your potential customers find your business.

This blog will first look at how to set up a Facebook business page and then how to optimise it so that your potential clients can start finding you!

Plan your keywords

Before setting up your page be sure to have your keyword information available so that your business has a consistent online keyword presence.

Setting up your page

Head over to Facebook and find ‘Pages’ on the left-hand side of your home screen. Click on this and then on ‘+ Create New Page’. The screenshot below will appear.

Complete this page with your company name, the type of business you are and a description.  

Great images

Now you can add your images. Using high-quality images for your profile and cover photo will help you to stand out. If you have a company logo then you can use this as your profile picture.

A size guide below will help you to ensure that your image designs are the perfect size.

Facebook page size guide - DL Digital

Your cover photo on your mobile will appear differently so include any important info in the middle of your cover photo.

Also check out the mobile preview in the top right corner before publishing to ensure your images look great on mobile.  

Important company details

Next you should include important company information such as opening hours, address, contact details etc.

It is really important that these details are consistent across the internet so ensure that these details match the information on your website and anywhere else that you promote your business online.

Call to action that supports your objectives

Direct your page visitors to do something specific that will help your business. You can add a button underneath your cover photo with several options available.

Some examples include, links to your website, call your business, add a button to encourage WhatsApp messages or a button to contact you on Messenger.


Having a live chat option is a great way to engage with your page visitors in real time. You will need to ensure it is enabled by heading over to settings > messaging.  

All about the content

You now have a page that has been optimised for keywords, has created a fantastic first impression with high-quality images, contains all of your important business info, provides a way for your users to communicate with you in real time and includes a call to action.

Now it is up to you to create great content that will generate interest in your business, this can be anything from videos, online quizzes, great photos, links to your latest blog posts or general updates and information.

Whatever your content strategy ensure that you are consistent and provide value to your visitors/readers.


Facebook is a great place to promote your business. Following the steps above to optimise your Facebook business page will give your business a head start and help your potential clients to start finding you online.

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Danny Layzell - DL Digital Solutions

Written by Danny Layzell,

September 2020

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